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The idea of creating personal stylist services first appeared 5 years ago when I was helping my friend to choose a new outfit. She told me that I have a taste and the clothes I recommended her to buy were just the right ones she had in mind but wouldn’t have picked herself. Her words deeply inspired and motivated me.

Since that time I started realizing that people want to look great but sometimes they are too prejudiced and lack the ability to view themselves objectively. That is why we emerged — to help people discover their own styles and feel confident with that. We are a team of professionals who change people’s lives.

sort, shop and style

I help you find your personal fashion style, promoting success in all areas of life.

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    Why hire a personal stylist?

    Many people waste money or buy things they don’t want, don’t need and never end up using because they haven’t prepared properly. This is your hard earned cash and precious time you are spending, it’s worth a few minutes of preparation. So, before you set off on your shopping trip, prepare. Review what you already have and write a list of the items you need. Use it and only buy things that are on that list!

    Shopping can be a tiring and stressful activity if you don’t shop at a time that works well for you. Shopping when the malls and stores are most busy can lead to shopping fatigue where you end up anxious and irritable – not a state in which smart shopping usually takes place. So, pick a time to shop when you are going to be at your most alert and positive. And take regular breaks to avoid becoming fatigued.

    Make your basic wardrobe feel more exciting with inexpensive accessories — think necklaces, bracelets, belts, and scarves that you can mix with outfits you already own. Especially if your work wardrobe has to stay in the business casual borders, a little accessorizing can make your basics feel fun and special. Either way, you can get away with spending a lot less to make a new outfit.

    Shopping for the life you want will get expensive fast, and isn’t likely to get you items that will work with your current routine. Same goes for other kinds of aspirational shopping, too — don’t tell yourself how great those jeans are going to look once you go on a diet. If you actually need jeans, buy a pair that fits you now. You can keep dreaming about tomorrow, just don’t spend your cash on it today.

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    Happy clients

    I’m so happy I’ve asked Kelly Shopper’s team to pick me a style! I just can’t express how grateful I am for the clothes the guys advised me to buy! I wear new outfits every day now and think more about buying clothes the stylist recommended to me. You made the shopping experience so enjoyable!

    Jenna Williams

    Thanks for awesome recommendations and style analysis. I have never thought that basic clothes are truly essential elements of any person’s wardrobe.

    Mary Jones

    You guys are the best! Shopping with you is like shopping with the best friends except you always know better and don’t let buy things that will never be worn.

    Anna Miller

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